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What can we do for you?

  • Chip Repairs

free-of-charge* chip repairs

* Included in insurances with partial cover. Service duration 30 minutes.

  • autoglass installations

autoglass installations

glass replacements for windshields, side windows, and rear windows.
Service in 2 hours.

  • direct claim completion processing

direct claim completion processing

In an event of loss, we handle the entire claim process with your insurance.

  • mobile autoglass-service

mobile autoglass-service

In the metropolitan area of Berlin the mobile autoglass service and pickup-delivery-service is free-of-charge for you. (only installations)

  • headlight restoration

headlight restoration

Cloudy, yellow and scratched headlight get that "like-new-condition" back.
Service in 1 to 2 hours.

  • autoglass parts

autoglass parts

Whether side windows, rear windows or windshields, we can access almost all types of autoglass within one business day.

Free Chip Repairs

We do you in 30 minutes...

Glass Chip

Glass chip?

Schedule your repair now!

Chips - even very small ones - can destroy your entire windshield. Don't wait until it transforms into a large crack. Call us now!

It's free!

Yes, it's free for you as holder of an insurance with partial cover (German: "Teilkaskoversicherung"). Your insurance covers windshield repairs and they won't charge you for it.
Free means absolutely free! Your insurance premium will not increase. Call us now! We will clarify all claim detail with your insurance.

Done in 30 minutes!

A chip in your windshield is no big deal. In most of the cases a repair is feasible and completed in no more than 30 minutes. After the repair, your windshield will be solid and safe again.

Call us and schedule your repair now! Hotline: 0800 8000006

Or schedule online! appointment / inquiry

Autoglass Replacements

Windshields, side windows and back windows
available for all models (cars, trucks, buses, transporters, mobile homes and caravans, SUV, 4x4)

Autoglasschaden Windschutzscheibe

If a repair isn't feasible...

Autoglass replacements at it's best quality!

Precision upon installation. Trust in our experience!

Replacing a windshield, rear window or any other glass on a vehicle requires know-how and precision.
We offer you professional installations according to manufacturer guidelines.
Our excellent autoglass technicians have many years of experience in autoglass installation specialisation.

Autoglass and accessories in OEM-quality!

A perfect installation not only requires precision and experience, but also high-quality parts.
We exclusively use windshields, side windows, rear windows and the compatible accessories (moldings, sensors, etc.) in OEM-quality.

Precision und high-quality material ensure first-class service for you.

Don't jeopardize your installation!
Trust in AMB Autoglass!

Fair prices! Affordable, even without insurance!

In contrast to a chip repair a replacement with cost you your partial cover insurance deductible. Normally it is just € 150.00 .
In many cases there is no deductible agreed. In these cases the autoglass replacement is free-of-charge, too.

If you don't have partial cover, we will provide you with fair offer for your replacement.
Give us a shot!

Call us and schedule your installation now! Hotline: 0800 8000006

Or schedule online! appointment / inquiry

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy, dull, yellowed, worn or scratched headlights? Does the technical inspection authority (German: "TÜV" reject? Are you threatened with a costly replacement?

Head Lights

Safe at favourable price!

Increase your safety!

Your headlights provide you the ability to drive at night. By removing the yellowed haze, it will improve your visibility and light projection. It will also aid in illuminating road hazards and enable you to be seen by other drivers.


By removing the yellow haze your car will look better by having that "show room finish". It will increase the resale value and add beauty to your vehicle.

Safe money!

Restoring your headlights will save you money over purchasing new lenses. We don't remove your lights from the vehicle, so there is no need to be concerned with fit problems afterward.

Call us and schedule your restoration now! Hotline: 0800 8000006

Or schedule online! appointment / inquiry


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